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Our friend and fellow 40K blogger, Black Matt (from Black Matt's Black Legion Blog), has stumbled on a rough patch (no pun intended) and has come up with a clever way to supplement his reduced income. He's selling hand-crafted Tyranid Mycetic Spores!

Matt's at home recovering from surgery, which has forced him to survive on Worker's Comp. If you (or anyone you know) have been in that situation then you know exactly what he's going through. It sucks. So follow the links and if you have some extra cash (and an itch to punish your friends with some Deep Striking bug love), buy a handful of these hand-crafted babies.

From the video it loos like the core is foam (or something equally light) and he's modeled the organic climbing tentacles with spray insulation. It's a really clever design that guarantees that every pod is distinctive.

It's got a decent size (as high and wide as a closed Space Marine Drop Pod), so you gain all of the benefits of a hefty monstrous creature blocking line of sight to your advancing horde. Heck, I've played games with a few of these babies landing completely empty just to sew chaos in my opponent's backfield.

Black Matt's Mycetic Spores come unpainted and unsealed, so they are easy to match to your army and the hold paint really well. He's got a cool video on his site showing the models and more pictures (including some great ones where he's painted them to match his Tyranid army).

He accepts payment via Google Checkout (and since he's sitting on his ass trying to heal, you are guaranteed to get these babies in the mail right away).

1 Mycetic (Landing) Spore for $20
2 for $30
3 for $40
4 for $50 (<--- awesome deal!)
5 for $65 (5 requires two boxes for shipping)

Every Tyranid player needs three or four of these babies in their arsenal!

If for some reason, you can't find some extra cash to send Black Matt's way, then please stop by his blog and wish him well. Recovering from an injury and surgery like that sucks and every email or comment will speed his recovery.

>> Personally, I hope you get well fast and make so much money selling these Mycetic Spores that you can take your time before heading back to work! All the best from your fellow gamers and bloggers in Austin!

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