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"Hey Mkerr! Me and my friend are heading to the 40K Doubles event in the UK. 750pts per person, needing 1HQ and 1+ Troops each. Theme is important to us, here's the plan:"

Thanks for the email, Jono! I'm really curious about the 40K Doubles event. I totally dig doubles tournaments because of all of the cool things you can do by combining units from different codices. Sounds like fun!

"Me (Khorne)
Daemon Prince, Wings, MoK
6 Bezerkers and Skull Champion with PWeapon, in Rhino
6 Bezerkers and Skull Champion with PWeapon
Land Raider

My Partner (Tzeentch)
Daemon Prince, Wings, MoT, Doombolt, Wind of Chaos
7 Rubric Marines and Sorcerer with Bolt of Change, in Rhino
7 Rubric Marines and Sorcerer with Bolt of Change, in Rhino

What do you reckon?"

Both lists look great! You've got a solid core of mobile scoring units (including Berzerkers in a Land Raider) and you've got two winged Daemon Princes. Solid 1,500pt team.

I won't recommend any changes to the Khorne list. Part of me would like to see a bit larger Berserker squads (e.g., Khorne's sacred number is 8, after all) and I'm on the fence with the Land Raider. Since you are facing pairs of 750pt armies, the Land Raider should be pretty survivable -- especially considering your opponent has two winged Daemon Princes to worry about.

Here are my comments on the Tzeentch army:
  1. Trade out Wind of Chaos for Warptime on your Tzeentch Daemon Prince. Warptime really makes all the difference in the world. 
  2. Your Thousand Sons squads are costing 281pts. That's a lot for 8 guys. I'd consider changing them to 10 Chaos Space Marines squads (w/2 Meltaguns, Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon, Mark of Tzeentch in a Rhino) which comes in at 275pts. That doubles your S8 shots and still gives you the Invulnerable save for the Rubric Marine theme.
  3. If you make changes #1 and #2, you can add Bolt of Change to your Tzeentch Daemon Prince and come in at exactly 750pts. So this part of the army goes from 2 Bolts of Changes to 4 Meltaguns and a Bolt of Change. That will help you a lot against mechanized forces -- and the Warptime Daemon Prince is a real monster.
Best of luck at the tournament and I hope you kick some butt. If you accept any of the changes I suggest, please let me know. If you get trashed because of my suggestions, keep it to yourself! :)

>>Comments are welcome and feel free to email me your lists or questions -- I'm going to endeavor to respond to every email. Just send them to me at And, as always, your mileage may vary.

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