The Stupid, It Burns!

I've been reading more 40K blogs lately (i.e., figuring out who I want to link to from ChainFist). Today, a post on Blood of Kittens (great blog!) led me to a couple of posts at Stelek's Yes The Truth Hurts. Somehow I spent a half hour or so reading his updates for today.

I thought it might be fun to share what I learned, so here are the Top 10 Things I Learned at YTTH today:
  1. Eldar Star Engines have no use.
  2. Stelek's wife likes Trading Spaces.
  3. He knows who Kirby is.
  4. The price of tin has been steadily increasing since April. He has a graph.
  5. High density polyethylene is 1/15 the price of tin.
  6. Stelek made DakkaDakka a popular site.
  7. He thinks there's no blog comment system with edits (for "legal" reasons).
  8. Stelek is very interested in GW's financial position. He's talked to multiple stock brokers about GW's "real valuation".
  9. He owns precisely one share of GW stock.
  10. Stelek is completely insane.
To be fair, I've had a suspicion about that last one for a few weeks.

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