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First of all, thanks for all of the encouraging emails about the move to San Francisco. Getting acquired, commuting and moving is taking it's toll (especially my Game Developers Conference schedule), but so far the experience has been really rewarding. On the plus side, I just hit platinum with American Airlines -- priority baggage delivery is pretty awesome!

Secondly, thanks for all of the encouraging emails (and PMs, and IMs, and SMSs) reminding me to update the blog. I know it's been a while, but when I started Chainfist I made myself a promise not to become one of those bloggers who doesn't play the game. So if I'm not playing, I'm not blogging. There are plenty of completely out-of-touch writers out there that don't play the game; I certainly don't want to become one. Yes, I was thinking of a particular blogger when I wrote that.

Since I managed to find a place to play in San Francisco (and a great group of players), I'm feeling better about the whole move thing. I'm not crazy about the drop to 1,500 points (they are pretty zealous about it -- you can read TastyTaste's rant about that at Blood of Kittens), but I'll survive it. I'm sure it will make me a better player. Well, I'm hopeful that it will make me a better player.

If you've ever made a transition like this -- moving across the country and finding a new place to play. Or if you've suddenly shifted to a different point level (e.g., 2,000 points to 1,500 points), I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a note at mkerr@chainfist.com or leave a comment.

Thanks for the support and, yes, I've got some new stuff in the pipeline.

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