MISC: Blogging at 30,000 Feet

Every once in a while something small happens and you wonder how you survived before it happened. Well that's happening to me right now. I mean right this very second.

I'm posting this to Chainfist in mid-flight. Yup, I said mid-"flight". How cool is that? American Airlines has recently launched their "Gogo Infight Internet" service to their MD80 fleet. And, according to Speakeasy, I'm getting a respectable 1,015 kb/s down and 330 kb/s up, all from seat 11A on a flight to San Francisco.

Has anyone else tried Gogo? Color me impressed.

Which brings me to point #2, I'm moving to San Francisco (and I'll be commuting for a couple of months hence the need for inflight internet). And to show you how hardcore I am about wargaming, I'm scouting out the local game stores before I settle on a neighborhood. I've heard good things about Endgame in Oakland (that's where the BloodofKittens.com crew hangs out, I'm told), so I'm looking there first.

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