PLAYTEST: Nurgle Daemon Weapons

Welcome to the B-side of my Daemon Weapon re-mix for 5th Edition. In this article, I'm exploring the "gifts" bestowed by Father Nurgle to his most loyal followers.

"Willingly you picked me up. Your first mistake. Willingly you drew me. Your second mistake. I do not allow my servants to make three mistakes, foolish mortal..."

Daemon weapons are only gifted to the most powerful servants of a Chaos God, so you'll see them in the hands of Greater Daemons, Daemon Princes, Heralds and still-mortal Chaos Lords. Each weapon is unique and grants considerable power to the bearer, however most spirits are bound unwillingly to the weapon and will take advantage of any opportunity to cause harm to their wielder.


Pandemic Staff (30 points - Lord with Mark of Nurgle only)
The Pandemic Staffs are vessels for the diseases of Nurgle when they are carried from the Warp to the materium and can be released in battle to feast upon enemy units.

A Pandemic Staff is a ranged weapon, but the wielder may be in close combat at the time it is used, as may the targets. When used, all enemy units with a model within 12" of the wielder automatically suffer D6 wounding hits (allocate wounding hits and roll armor saves normally, but cover is ignored). If any 1s are rolled for the number of wounding hits, the wielder suffers a wound with no armor save allowed (the wielder only takes one wound, regardless of the number of 1s that are rolled).

(Note: 3rd Edition Chaos Space Marines, p51)

Manreaper (35 points - Herald of Nurgle only)
A Manreaper is a foul and corrupted scythe that has been dipped in the filth seeping from the very throne of Nurgle, and in doing so absorbed the essence of one of the Daemons that cavort there.

A Manreaper is a Daemon weapon that also has the Poisoned (2+) quality. While a single sweep of the weapon's long blade can slice through several enemies, the weapon is too long and unwieldy to be easily readied for further blows. A Manreaper only gains D6 extra Attacks in the wielder's Assault phases (i.g., it gains no bonus to Attacks during the wielder's opponent's Assault phase).

(Note: 3rd Edition Chaos Space Marines, p51)

Plaguebiter (30 points - Great Unclean One and Daemon Prince only)
Plaguebiter was gifted to a Champion of Nurgle known as Lothar. He bore the powerful plaguesword until he shed the rags of his mortal form, becoming a Daemon Prince known as Bubonicus. "Flies swarming on the blood-drenched sword, merged with the metal. Runes spelled its name: Plaguebiter."

Plaguebiter is a Daemon weapon. Your opponent must make a Toughness test for each model removed as a casualty caused by Plaguebiter. At the end of the Assault phase, place a single base of Nurglings for each test failed within 6" of the wielder. Any bases that cannot be placed due to impassible terrain, enemy within 1" or because you have run out of models, are lost.

(Note: Realm of Chaos: The Lost and The Damned, p123)

>> Ah, Nurgle always leads to fun stuff! If you have a chance to playtest any of these guys, please email me at with the results (or post them as a comment). I'm especially concerned about the range of the Pandemic Staff (I went back and forth between 6" and 12"), so if you have any playtest feedback on that one, share it!

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