Tyranid Landing Spore Models!

I recently wrote an article for BOLS about the new Tyranid Landing Spore. Since I wrote the article, I've received a ton of emails and comments asking about how to model the Tyranid Landing Spore. So I've been looking for a cheap and easy alternative until GW decides to release an actual model for this living transport.
After a ton of research and much frustration, I've decided to go with the Mega Bloks Plasma Hatcher toys as the basis for my Landing Spores.
These egg-shaped toys are the right scale and have great textures already molded into the surface. The fact that they split open in a fairly cool scallop shape means that I can model them open or closed.

Best of all, I've found them on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price (there are a couple that you can pick up for $7 -- toy included!). I've ordered three of them so that I can experiment with painting them -- when they come in, I'll post pictures so you can get a sense of scale.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon grab a couple for your own Tyranid army, I've included links to the models I purchased on the left. Since I'm not gifting these babies, I just purchased the cheapest ones I could find.

For those of you that didn't read the article (or need a refresher), here's the profile of the Landing Spore. These guys work like Drop Pods -- they are held in Reserve and Deep Strike when they become available. They even have a rule similar to the Drop Pod's Internal Guidance that lets them land safely even when they would normally mishap. The models transported disembark within 2" of the Landing Spore and can shoot or run on the turn they arrive (i.e., they can't move or assault).

 Landing Spore

The Fearless transport creature can hold 20 Tyranids or 1 monstrous creature. It Deep Strikes and lands like a Drop Pod (similar rules to Internal Guidance). Once it lands, it is immobile for the rest of the game. This tentacle-covered Monstrous Creature is armed with Lash Whips (models attacking the Landing Spore attack at I1) and Climbing Tentacles (a ranged weapon: 6" S6 AP- Assault 6) and can purchase additional bio-weaponry (I'm planning on Barbed Stranglers). The Landing Spore has limited intelligence and never tests for Instinctive Behavior, but it always attacks the closest enemy (unless it's engaged in close combat).

I'm so excited about Deep Striking my Carnifexes that I'm totally beside myself!

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