PLAYTEST: Khorne Daemon Weapons

We all dig the idea of dudes running around smacking people with a piece of steel that holds a seething spirit of a daemon, bound for all eternity. The Gods of Chaos gifting their chosen champions with these, often unwilling, weapons is one of the cooler parts of the universe.

So in an effort to add some more cool to an already cool game, I'm "re-mixing" some of the old Daemon Weapons for 5th Edition play.
"Willingly you picked me up. Your first mistake. Willingly you drew me. Your second mistake. I do not allow my servants to make three mistakes, foolish mortal..."

Daemon weapons are only gifted to the most powerful servants of a Chaos God, so you'll see them in the hands of Greater Daemons, Daemon Princes, Heralds and still-mortal Chaos Lords. Each weapon is unique and grants considerable power to the bearer, however most spirits are bound unwillingly to the weapon and will take advantage of any opportunity to cause harm to their wielder.

Let's start with Khorne!

"The black-headed axe was mounted on a haft of bone, smoothed to a dull polish by countless calloused hands. Struck deep into the dark-metalled blade was a single rune, an unforgiving skull that held the eye with a baneful glare. The grim weapon lifted, fell and reared up once more, bloody, dripping gore. And a fleeting, hungry grin seemed to pass along the deep-etched skull."

Daemon Weapons of Khorne are normally available to Bloodthirsters, Heralds of Khorne, Daemon Princes (with the Mark of Khorne), and Chaos Lords (with the Mark of Khorne).

Axes of Khorne (25 points)
These great axes are carried by the Greater Daemons of Khorne, his Bloodthirsters. They are as terrible as they are powerful, as each axe has another Greater Daemon of Khorne trapped within it.

The Axe of Khorne is a two-handed power weapon that grants the bearer an extra D6 attacks. If the bearer rolls a 1, the model may not may any attacks and instead suffers one wound with no armor saves allowed. Each roll of 6 to hit allows the bearer to make an additional attack. As long as the bearer keeps rolling 6s, he can continue to make additional attacks.

(Note: Axes of Khorne made their appearance in the old Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness bood and most recently appeared in the 3rd Edition Chaos Space Marines codex.)

Berserker Glaive (35 points -- Lord with Mark of Khorne only)
The bearer of the Berserker Glaive carries a weapon he must constantly struggle for dominion over. The blade contains the bound essence of a Bloodletter driven to the depths of rage by its captivity. Although the Glaive is a devastating weapon, it has no compunction over whose life is taken.

The Berserker Glaive is a two-handed power weapon that with the Rending special ability. A model with using the Berserker Glaive gains 2D6 attacks. If either die rolls a 1, then the bearer's attacks are resolved against a friendly unit engaged in the same combat, as if they were hit by the enemy. If there are no friendly units in the same close combat, then the bearer doesn't attack and takes a wound with no armor save allowed. If both dice roll 1s, the bearer doesn't attack and is consumed by the hateful deamon of the Glaive. The bearer's spirit becomes trapped within the Berserker Glaive and the model immediately removed from play.

(Note: The Berserker Glaive appeared in the 3rd Edition Chaos Space Marines codex.)

Khartoth the Bloodhunger (35 points - Blood Thirster and Daemon Prince only)
A powerful Daemonsword which is capable of cutting through not only matter, but also time. This sought-after blade can be won in a gruesome and immense tournament. The winner is crowned the Lord of the Slaughter and becomes a favorite of Khorne, until Khorne desires another tournament.

Bloodhunger is a two-handed power weapon that increases the bearer's Strength to 10. The bearer of Bloodhunger does not use his Attacks characteristic in close combat, instead the bearer of Bloodhunger always makes a single attack at each Initiative step starting at Initiative 8 (i.e., first attack at I8, second attack at I7, etc. and finally makes his eighth and final attack at I1). 

(Note: Khartoth the Bloodhunger was introduced in the Chaos Daemons codex.)

>>I'd love to hear your thoughts on these weapons (and the rest that are in the pipeline). If you have any cool stories about using Daemon Weapons in earlier editions, I'd love to hear them as well!

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