CHAIN MAIL: Love the Tyranid pictures!

"I'm really impressed by your tyranids. In particular the way you make the skin. Could you explain me which is the mix and the tecnics you use for. I suppose are a series of wash but I'm really jeopardize to argue which one you used."

My Tyranids were painted by the kind folks at Blue Table Painting. I wanted a "less ugly" Hive Fleet Behemoth army to play against my Ultramarines (led by Mr. Awesome himself, Captain Invictus). The traditional Behemoth colors just didn't look good on the board, so Shawn (from Blue Table) and I worked out a color scheme that we both liked.

Shawn Gately, and his hard-working staff, did unreasonably good job of putting together the paint scheme. You can see lots more pictures of the army in the gallery at Blue Table (they called the army "Hive Fleet Grendel" on their website) -- the winged Hive Tyrant is particularly impressive!

I have no idea exactly how he got the effect with the paint scheme. If you look closely at the models, it looks like there is paraffin in the wash -- it almost feels like paraffin too! I've asked Shawn several times what the secret is, but he just smiles and pats me on the shoulder (and sells me more painting services). If you make to BOLSCON or an event where I'm playing them, perhaps you can help me figure it out!

Because of the quality of the painting done by Blue Table Painting, I kept expanding my Tyranids whenever I thought up something nasty to put on the table. When the new codex comes out, I'm sure I'll be pestering them again for some new models. I may be a bit biased, but I have to say that my Tyranids are probably the sexiest army they've ever done.

Thanks for the email, Enrico!

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