CHAIN MAIL: Can I fit in a Vindicator?

"My question is where the vindicator I get with the renegade strike force fits in. It doesn't really fit in with everything else trying to slice and dice as soon as possible. Can it be a unit to tank shock so I have an opening to pour into? Or does it just not fit in?"

Vindicators are decent tanks, but that big gun really attracts a lot of enemy fire. When I pick out heavy support choices, I usually go for Predators. The Autocannon (and Heavy Bolter sponsons) version is cheap and very reliable.

But in your case (a close combat army barreling across the board at break-neck speed), a Vindicator would be a good addition to your collection and it would definitely get some use in larger games. Best of all, the tank opens up all kinds of modeling opportunities with Daemonic Possession.

"I am currently building a khorne themed csm army. Once I get all ordered parts including a renegade strike force, I will have:

termie lord w/ twin lightning claws (in land raider)
termie lord w/ daemon weapon and twin bolters
4 squads of berzerkers (2 rhinos and 2 in reserve for flanking)
3 squads of csm (icon of khorne, power fist and plasma pistol, all with meltas and flamers)-maybe in 3 rhinos
3 squads of terminators with mok and various ccw (1 in the land raider and 2 for deep striking to icons)
1 land raider
all tanks have posesed and smoke launchers"

Looks like a great collection!

I know it's the theme of your army, but you might want to add a bit more variety to the units. Building and painting a bunch of identical units (four Berzerker units, three Terminator units and 3 Chaos Space Marine units) runs the risks of burning you out. You might want to think about a Daemon Prince or a Summoned Greater Daemon or some Obliterators - just to give you a break from the repetitive tasks of putting together the army.

Here are some quick comments:
  1. I wouldn't recommend Berzerkers on foot. They should always be mounted.
  2. Don't put plasma pistols on single Wound models (especially models with expensive upgrades, like power fists).
  3. Don't bother with Daemonic Possession on your Rhinos. It's okay on a Landraider (only a bit more  expensive than Extra Armor and the BS3 penalty isn't bad for your twin-linked weapons) and it's great on a Vindicator.
  4. Go with two meltaguns in your Chaos Space Marine units. Since this army puts out a ton of high-Initiative close combat attacks, you'll need the meltaguns more than flamers.
Thanks for the email and best of luck on the army! When you get it all together send me a picture!

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