I've been officially BANNED from commenting on a website! More of the sordid details after the jump!

Since mid-2005, I've been fairly active on the various WH40K forums, websites and blogs. A quick look at my various stats show that I've posted 3,191 times on the various forums that I still frequent. I've left 1,836 Disqus comments (with 222 points and 155 likes received) and 93 JS-KIT comments. I've probably posted around 200 articles on Bell of Lost Souls and Chainfist.

Using my earliest forum start date, I've commented 5,227 times in just under 5 years. That's an average of 2.9 posts/comments per day for the last 1,814 days! Whew! And that's not even counting my 1,470 tweets and countless direct messages, PMs and emails.

In those posts I've had some heated arguments and made some people very angry -- I'm pretty well known for doggedly defending my stance (even when I'm only 99% right) -- but I've also made some great friends and earned (and gave) a fair amount of respect. I've even managed to shake hands, play games and share drinks with players that I regularly argued against -- that's the kind of hobby we're in, right?

In the forums and blogs where I've had moderator privileges, I've NEVER deleted a single post/comment and I've never banned a single user. Not one. I spend most of my *moderation* time cleaning up swear words so that *every* comment (at least in my threads) gets shown. I take a lot of pride in being an advocate for everyone getting a voice -- especially people that disagree -- and at times that's put me at odds with Bigred, Jwolf and other forum/blog moderators.

But for the first time in my 4 years 11 months and 18 days of voicing my (sometimes strong) opinion, I've been banned from commenting on a blog. Joining me in the ban was TastyTaste from

Here's a snippet:

But I guess the news isn't all bad -- it'll give me more time for Chainfist!

>> So if there's something you want me to cover (like my painful transition to 1500pts in San Francisco or my new Blood Angels army lists), leave me a comment or shoot me an email at

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