Army List: Imperial Guard + WH Allies

In my ceaseless efforts to bring interesting discussion to Chainfist, I'm going to share an army that I tried out at yesterday's Battleforge Games 'Eavy Tournament. I want to start off by saying that I really like this list for a bunch of different reasons, but I'm sharing it with you because I want your feedback. I want to hear what you, the loyal Chainfist reader, like and what you don't like -- tell me what you think it's missing or what it has "too much of".

I'll share how it was supposed to work with you -- and then after you've had a chance to comment -- I'll share what happened in Saturday's 'Eavy Tournament (a 24-person event that included Jwolf, Darkwynn, Goatboy, Bushido Red Panda and loads of other great local players).

Company Command Squad (Lord Castellan Creed, 2x Plasmagun, Astropath)

10-man Psyker Battle Squad
-- Transport: Chimera
Guardsman Marbo
9-man Sisters Repentia Squad (w/Priest)

Infantry Platoon #1
-- Platoon Command Squad (2x Meltaguns) in a Chimera
-- Infantry Squad (Grenade Launcher, Commissar)
-- Infantry Squad (Grenade Launcher)
-- Heavy Weapons Squad (3x Autocannon)
-- Heavy Weapons Squad (3x Lascannon)

Infantry Platoon #2
-- Platoon Command Squad (2x Meltaguns) in a Chimera
-- Infantry Squad (Grenade Launcher, Lascannon)
-- Infantry Squad (Grenade Launcher, Lascannon)
-- Heavy Weapons Squad (3x Missile Launchers)

Leman Russ Punisher (3x Heavy Bolters, Extra Armor)
Leman Russ Punisher (3x Heavy Bolters, Extra Armor)

NOTES: My goal with this army was to design an "all-comers" IG gunline army that didn't have to go first to win games. I also wanted to include a crappy unit (Sisters Repentia) in a fairly competitive list. I built the army to deal with (in order) Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Orks and Tyranids -- but I think it can hold its own against Eldar and Chaos Space Marines (although a LD10 Psychic Hood would be a nice addition). I also wanted to be able to hold at least two "near" objectives, capture one "far" objective and contest one "far" objective with the army.

TACTICS/TRICKS: This army has a couple of tricks, but I've tried to keep it simple. The real trick was trying to find a use for the much-maligned Sisters Repentia squad.

Tactic #1 - Sisters Repentia: Creed uses his Tactical Genius ability to give the Scouts USR to the Sisters Repentia. This lets them either make a Scout move or Outflank. Two awesome choices for a less than awesome unit. Outflank (combined with an Astropath) is the obvious choice, but the Scout move leads to some interesting opportunities as well.

Since a Scout move is identical to the move the unit would take in their Movement phase, I get to move 6", plus I get a chance to Holy Rage (basically a 56% chance to get an extra D6" of movement). Then in my first turn Movement phase, the same thing happens -- I move 6" and get a 56% chance of another D6" of movement. So there's a decent chance (around 31%) that I'll Holy Rage twice and get to move 12"+2D6". But even if I get a single Holy Rage, I'll force my opponent to deal with my advancing Sisters Repentia -- those S6 "chainfists" are fantastic can-openers against just about everything (with an average armor penetration roll of 13, they can even make short work of Landraiders).

Note: You'll be hearing more about this particular tactic in my upcoming "Breathing Life into Sisters Repentia" article for BoLS.

Tactic #2 - Creed's Order Bubble: Lord Castellan Creed is an awesome addition to any IG gunline army. He can give up to four orders a turn in a 24" bubble -- and he knows just about every order in the book. One of the reasons I fill the army with heavy weapons was because I knew there was a decent chance my shots (against tanks and monstrous creatures) were going to benefit from Bring It Down! - Creed's bubble is so large I can use Bring It Down! and Fire on My Target! with Chimera-based Meltagun squads that are halfway across the table.

Tactic #3 -- Leman Russ Punishers: These have got to be my favorite tanks of all time. Although I'm still getting the hang of their relatively short range, a single Punisher can tear huge holes in your opponent's lines by dishing out twenty-nine (that's 29) Strength 5 shots a turn. Their volume of shots help make up for the few low-AP weapons in the army.

This army also used a few other tactics, including a two combined infantry squads with a Commissar (keeping my gunline protected from advancing troops or creating an anti-genestealer "wall of dudes" on the closest short board edge). I also had some fun options with Guardsman Marbo and the Psyker Battle Squad (I really like Marbo's BS5 Demolition Charge and the S9 Soulstorm).

>> Comments are welcome and I'd love your thoughts on the army and feedback on how it would perform in your neck of the woods. You can leave comments here or email me at And, as always, your mileage may vary.

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