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"You made reference to the Relicators recently. Mostly I'm looking to understand the options for codex choice (CSM vs SM vs their WD rules that I can't seem to find). Trying to decide if they're going to be my next army. If you could point me in the right direction, that'd be appreciated."
I heart the Relictors Space Marine Chapter. I know that every players finds a Chapter that resonates with them and is totally gaga about it; well Relictors is the one that turns my knobs.

Here's the only mention they've received in 5th Edition so far (from the C:SM, p29): "The Inquisition has become suspicious that the Relictors are developing an unhealthy fascination with tainted artefacts. As a result, they have requested that other Space Marine Chapters keep a close watch upon the Relictors' activities lest they turn Renegades."

There were two very cool articles about them in White Dwarf:
  • In US White Dwarf #280 there was an Index Astartes background article (complete with some special rules that gave them the option of a randomly selected Daemon Weapon and/or Daemon Banner). If you are interested in building a Relictors army, then you've got to track down this article.
  • In US White Dwarf #287 there was an article called "Chaoticians and Cataclysms - Radical Measures in Warhammer 40,000" written by Phil Kelly. In this article there were several pieces of radical wargear, including the infamous Arketus Scourge. This article could use an update, but the rules are still playable in friendly games.
If you play Relictors, I recommend sticking to the Space Marines or Space Wolves codex instead of using the Chaos Space Marines codex. The Relictors are a very loyal (although misunderstood) Chapter -- as they use the tools of chaos against their enemies (i.e., they fight fire with fire).

I'm using Space Wolves for my Relictors army because the unit upgrades seem a lot more colorful. For example, I'm using Mark of the Wulfen to represent a Daemon Weapon and Njal's Lord of Tempests to represent a chaos artifact. The psychic powers and characters just suit the Relictors fluff better than the Space Marine codex.

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