CHAIN MAIL: Callidus question and other blog!

"my question is, when you use a Callidus assassin and her
neural shredder, can the pysker battle squad affect her opponent to
modify their leadership, so that she has a better chance at wounding
the target? Or does it use their unmodified leadership?"

Absolutely! Here's the Weaken Resolve wording:

"For the remainder of the turn the enemy's Leadership is reduced by the number of Sanctioned Psykers in the unit utilizing the power (to a minimum of 2)" (C:IG, p47).

If the target unit was a Space Marine Tactical Squad (i.e., one guy with LD9 and nine guys with LD8) and it was hit with Weaken Resolve from a PBS with 9 Sanctioned Psykers, then the unit would have a Leadership of 2 until the end of the round.

If the Callidus pops them with her Neural Shredder, she resolves the attack against their LD2. If there was a multi-wound Space Marine character in that unit, then the attack could potentially cause Instant Death (S8 compared to LD2).

Great question!

CHAIN MAIL #2 (Yes, I'm double dipping).

"Great to see your new site up and running. I linked ya. If you want to link me from chainfist my home is at: I also have work up on a 40k site that some friends and I have started:"

Thanks for the link and both blogs look awesome! Great job on the layout (your WordPress blog looks GREAT on my iPhone -- so jealous!). The format for is fantastic -- I can't wait to see more!

If there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to email me!

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